AJAX PROJECT APPLICATION / ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT Plain-language summaries of the studies, plans and appendices comprising KAM's Application for an Environmental Assessment (EA) Certificate


Chapters 1 to 5
Purpose of the Application, Project Overview, Project Description, EA Process and Methodology.

Section 1

Environmental Effects & MITIGATION MEASURES

Chapter 6
Potential environmental effects including effects to grasslands, water, fish, amphibians, insects, reptiles, mammals, birds.

Section 2

Economic, Social, and Cultural Effects & Mitigation Measures

Chapters 7, 8 & 9
Assessment of potential economic, social, and cultural (including archaeological) effects.

Section 3

Health-Related Effects & Mitigation Measures

Chapter 10 & 11
Assessment of potential health effects, including air quality, domestic water quality, human health, noise and vibration.

Section 4

Aboriginal Groups Information Requirements

Chapters 12 to 16
Aboriginal interests, potential effects, and summary of consultation.

Section 5

Federal Requirements and Conclusions

Chapter 17 & 18
Items and studies required by the federal assessment process, and summary of the EA conclusions.

Section 6